This week we celebrate International Women’s Day where we recognize the talented women that work in our financial services industry.  Women play an important role in which their unique abilities help to shape the delivery of financial services.

Women hold various roles within our company and pave the way to expand Q Wealth Partners’ appeal to the population we serve, including men and women-led advisory teams.

At our head office, 50% of our departments are led by women.  That’s an astonishing accomplishment inside a historically male-led industry and goes to show the commitment Q Wealth has made to equality. Further, when you look at the employees across the departments, you will find a significant representation of strong, talented, and enthusiastic women.

Our equity in women-led departments and strong representation of women in all roles begins with our hiring process. For each role, our short list of qualified candidates spans experienced men and women.  We reduce the risk of bias by evaluating candidates through both a skills-based assessment tied to their role and a structured interview process.  During our semi-annual and annual performance assessment process, we uniformly assess performance based on achieving both team-based and individual objectives while tying monetary rewards to the success of the firm to avoid the gender pay gap bias.

With frequent family demands, the women of Q Wealth are more likely to leverage our flexible work arrangements.  These programs include a flexible commute, global flex weeks and a hybrid home/in-the-office schedule.  Our flexible commute allows staff to choose when they commute to the office to avoid the wasted time when there is congestion on roads and transit.  Our global flex weeks allow staff the ability to work elsewhere to maximize time visiting friends and family or even a special vacation spot. Q Wealth embraces the work-life balance for all staff.

Our Q Wealth office is the social anchor where our department leaders give permission to socialize and connect with their colleagues.  Our minimum of one day a week in the office where we are co-located together helps our staff interpret others’ moods and personalities, making it easier to build and cement relationships. Further, our department leaders create opportunities for interactions that build trusting relationships.  Women have been the driving force behind the social fabric of Q Wealth that allows all genders to recognize each other for their talents.

As in any organization, unconscious biases can occur unwittingly.  Employees know they can identify issues, openly discuss them with their leaders, and bring attention to the issue.  Q Wealth cultivates a culture where we listen and take action.  Inclusivity extends to planning company events that consider the wants and needs of women.

There are some advantages of having women mentor men to round out viewpoints, discuss approaches and think through change management strategies. This helps men understand the barriers women face. We have a policy of ensuring there is equal representation when decisions are made.

While the world has made significant progress in creating career opportunities for women, there is still much work to do. Here at Q Wealth, we have closed the gaps tighter, opened the doors wider and levelled the playing field for women. Let's celebrate the success of women in the workplace today and every day.

Happy International Women's Day!