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Our Partners have a great deal in common. One shared experience has been reaching a point in their careers where they sought greater independence to serve clients better, and found even more at Q Wealth. They discovered the freedom of independence, combined with the extraordinary benefits of collaboration within a network of like-minded professionals.
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The Client Experience @ Q Wealth

While Q Wealth's unique mix of platform services and innovative technologies give advisors back a great deal of time, the real difference maker is how they are able to spend it. In concert with our ecosystem of purpose built digital apps, our Q Wealth Partners delight clients - guiding them on a journey of discovery, understanding, and seamlessly converting insights into action. The Q Wealth experience means engaging with your advisor in a whole new way.
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How Your Advisor and Q Wealth Deliver Your Service Experience

When you walk into a bank branch, it’s pretty simple. The advisor sitting across the desk works for the bank, and if you invest with them, everything comes on the bank letterhead. At Q Wealth, there’s a bit more to it, and that’s a good thing.
How it Works
Your Wealth Advisor

Ultimately, your most important relationship is with your trusted advisor who is responsible for putting together your financial plan, and helping you navigate all aspects of managing wealth and life transitions. There’s much more to it than just investments, and so the ultimate barometer of how you’re doing will always be your financial plan – think of this as the highest form of reporting we provide – it’s the answer to the all-important question: “Am I ok?”, and it’s always being updated because your life never stands still.


Our Partner firms collectively own Q Wealth (where we provide investment management). Each of our Partners operates under their own brand identity to deliver a unique service experience, and comprehensive wealth management layered on top of investment management – which is everything beyond securities. Your advisory team typically includes a multi-disciplinary group including Certified Financial Planning professionals, investment professionals registered under Q Wealth, or both. Think of your Advisor’s firm as your personal “family office”.


In all cases, individuals who provide investment advice are registered to do so under Q Wealth, so you may see them affiliated with both the Q Wealth Partnership and their Partner firm. As a registered Portfolio Manager and Investment Fund Manager, Q Wealth replaces the operational functions advisors must typically affiliate with an investment dealer to provide, but we also “vertically integrate” the investment management function – which usually reduces external costs that are often hidden from investors. Clients receive a detailed chart explaining who provides each function when they onboard to help keep it clear.


Q Wealth maintains service agreements with custodians such as National Bank’s Independent Network (NBIN). The custodian is where your accounts sit, protected by their large scale, and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. Read on for more details about our relationship with custodians, and how they benefit our clients.

Our custodian:

National Bank Independent Network is the custodian for all Q Wealth accounts.

What is a Custodian?

Investment Solutions

Q Wealth employs similar investment techniques and solutions used by some of the world’s most sophisticated pensions funds and institutions to help shape outcomes for our clients.
Our Investment Process