Client Experience

Money to Life

They say money can’t buy happiness. While that’s true, money is the common thread that connects all areas of our lives, and all of our relationships. How you use and think about money does help shape your wellbeing. At Q Wealth our digital client experience platform helps you work with your advisor to clarify your vision of a fulfilling and comfortable life, and to co-create a dynamic financial life strategy to achieve it.
Our Partners start with clarifying what gives your life meaning and purpose.
This helps to clarify your values and goals. These in turn shape your financial plan. Only then do we truly understand how to use investments to fund a life you’ll love.

You'll always be able to track your progress, in our Q-Connect client portal, understanding what your next steps are, seeing the work your advisor is doing, and monitoring in real-time how on-track you are to reach the goals in your plan.

Imagine not worrying about market volatility, short term fluctuations in your portfolio value, or unexpected changes to your own financial situation. With your Q Wealth Partner advisor and the Q Wealth client experience platform, you will always understand your long-term financial wellbeing outlook, and your personal "Q-Score" which is a constantly updated indicator - linked to both your financial plan and all your financial accounts – including both those held at Q Wealth and anywhere else. Ultimately we give you one elegant solution that tracks and answers the all-important question "Am I going to be ok?"

The partners of Q Wealth help you manage all aspects of your financial life including tax minimization strategies, risk management and insurance solutions, education savings, retirement cash flow, estate planning and navigating life’s inevitable financial transitions. You’ll also be able to use your personal Q-Vault to securely upload and organize your critical financial, legal and asset ownership related documents - making them available to just yourself, your advisor, family members, lawyer, accountant, or anyone you provide access to on a specific folder-by-folder basis. You’ll also be able to dive into your portfolio performance reports, tax slips and more.

Finally, many of our features are already available on the Q Wealth mobile app, as we’re constantly working on putting even more in the palm of your hand.

Technology plays many roles for Q Wealth clients, but most importantly we and our Partners help you figure out what your money is really for, and what will help you live your best life!