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The Playbook
For Human Advice

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Featured Speakers
Brian Portnoy, CFA, PhD
Founder, Shaping Wealth
Neil Bage
Co-Founder, Shaping Wealth
About the Discussion
The notion of “human-centric” or “human-first” financial advice
has quickly shifted from barely-mentioned to seemingly omnipresent.
Planning firms looking to successfully compete are investing in figuring out how to better train their advisors and better engage their clients through disciplines such as behavioural finance, positive psychology, and emotional intelligence. An important movement is emerging, but until we crystallize and operationalize the key concepts in human-centric planning, progress will prove halting.

This talk delivers an original, shareable, and scalable framework for organizing and illuminating the six core elements of human behavior. Any financial services professional, especially advisors, can use this framework to empower their own growth, team building, and client engagement.
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