This article originally appeared in Citywire

Shortly after signing on Flatiron Wealth Management, Q Wealth has made another addition.

Q Wealth Partners is bringing Private Financial Group (PFG) on board its portfolio management platform.

PFG is based in Windsor, Ont. and primarily services high net worth clients.

Q Wealth portfolio manager Fabien Ouellette will provide portfolio management functions to PFG clients as the firm onboards.

Q Wealth founder Jared Rabinowitz told Citywire Canada that the PFG team, led by principal partner Peter Dobrich (pictured), proved to be a good fit for the platform because of their focus on holistic financial planning.

‘Peter had already invested a lot in his practice in terms of developing a brand and working on practice management, and trying to create a leading client experience,’ Rabinowitz said. ‘We recognized that, and he recognized that with our technology platform, our marketing and business development services, we could really wrap our arms around what he’s doing and take it to the next level.’

Q Wealth recently welcomed Toronto-based Flatiron Wealth Management into the fold. The firm also expects to onboard another partner by the end of the year.