Back in 1995, the chief actuary of Canada warned that without significant changes, the Canada Pension Plan: Fifteenth Actuarial Report ( would become insolvent by 2015. Today, the US Social Security Trust Fund faces a significant risk as its sole asset consists of government debt. It is staggering that the wealthiest nation in the world could face a severe pension crisis in the decades to come. Fortunately, Canada has made necessary changes to its pension system and continues to adapt. At Q Wealth Partners, we observe successful strategies from around the globe and aim to provide a similar experience for our clients. Our investment platform will continuously improve to our services for all Canadians, enhancing our partners’ brands, and fulfilling our Founder’s successful vision.

As we create financial plans for our clients and understand their retirement goals, philanthropic aspirations, and funding for their next dream, it is important to remember why we do what we do.

Our focus will always be to deliver the best possible client outcome. To do that, here are the key strategies we have on the horizon as the investment strategy at Q Wealth Partners evolves:

  • We are planning to launch an innovative cash management pool via a split share corporation, providing clients with a safer and higher yielding alternative to high interest savings choices. This is essential for client liquidity sleeves.
  • We are planning to launch a private equity pooled fund, like our successful Private Dept & Equity pool, which will address the challenges of accessing this asset class for individual investors, giving us a competitive edge with ultra-high-net-worth clients.
  • We plan to introduce an uncorrelated long/short futures based multi-asset alpha seeking pool, managed by highly experienced asset managers. This will be a valuable offering for ultra-high-net-worth clients.
  • Just like the CPP, our plan involves investing in external managers to elevate our client experience. Our focus is on finding the optimal combination of managers, carefully considering both their expertise and cost, to provide clients with optimal investment opportunities.
  • We are continuously refining our portfolio lineup to enhance the client experience and deliver defined outcomes effectively. Look out for future improvements in this area.

Our goal is to lower the cost of investing for our clients. To achieve this, we will be expanding our in-house investment team capabilities, which will contribute to lowering the cost of long-term investing. We can accomplish all these objectives with scale and work collaboratively, like the CPP, to deliver positive outcomes for all Canadians.