Technology only has value to the extent it moves you to more personal interaction, while providing greater flexibility in how one achieves it.

The ‘QSuite of Apps’ has quite literally changed the landscape of financial advice and has made QWealth Partner advisors the envy of the industry. Those applications include:

  • QLife: A “values based” exercise that crystalizes exactly what you want from life. The “functions of assets’ exercise articulates what you want your money to do for you and what you expect from your advisor.
  • QBias: A behavioral based exercise which identifies instinctive biases you may have to towards decision making in general and thought patterns associated with finances specifically.
  • QCash: A Cash Flow engine that details ‘exactly’ what life costs and how much freedom and flexibility your ongoing income provides. Replaces a ‘budget’ with a ‘lifestyle optionality analyzer’.
  • QScore: A personal modeling engine that allows you, in tandem with your advisor, to see “all the possibilities” that life may present and forecast their outcomes.
  • QPath: This is your personal online application to see your entire financial life. You see your entire net worth, you financial plan, news from your curated list of providers, and video chat capabilities with your advisor.

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